Why Levinson Annuities?

Top Reasons you should place your Fixed & Indexed Annuity business with Levinson & Associates!

Along with providing access to some of the highest rated carriers in the industry, Levinson & Associates is committed to providing outstanding service and sales support to our agents.  We understand the annuity marketplace and keep you informed of industry changes and product enhancements.

1) Full Portfolio of Fixed Annuity Products
We offer a diversified annuity portfolio of more than 100 products from top-rated carriers that are consumer and producer friendly including multi-year guaranteed annuities, bonus annuities, fixed index annuities, single premium immediate annuities, and deferred immediate annuities.

2) Full Service Support
 Every application you submit to Levinson will be assigned to a specialized case manager to review for potential issues before sending to the carrier.  Our case managers will work closely with our carriers and deliver you a detailed status update.  Our licensing and contracting, sales support, and commissions team ensure policies are issued as quickly as possible.

3) Guaranteed, Predictable Solution

Whether your client is seeking accumulation and growth products or income-orientated products, we are able to offer options for fixed annuity products that can offer solid guarantees that can provide your client with predictable payouts and guaranteed interest rates.

4) Carrier Support
Our multiple carrier relationships give us access to dedicated representatives who provide additional support, training, educational webinars , producer training seminars,  online training, and access to internal sales desk resources.

5) Top Compensation
 You can always count on Levinson & Associates for fair and generous compensation. Ask us how you can earn additional annuity commissions with our programs like “Cash for Contracting”, “Kick Assets” and our other Annuity promotions and incentives. 

6) Expert Advice
 You have questions, we have Josh, Josh has answers. With over 25 years of home office experience, Josh Hoffman is our Annuity V.P. and Marketing Director. He will personally help you with product selection, case design, guidance, and offer any assistance you may need to help you and your prospect attain desirable goals. He is knowledgeable and most willing to providing you valuable insight to help grow your practice.