Cash for Contracting

Earn EXTRA compensation beyond normal commission!

For eligibility, you must become contracted with a company through us that you are currently writing business for through one of our competitors.

  • Get contracted with any carrier that we represent that you’re NOT currently contracted with Levinson right now.
  • You must be licensed with one of our companies through another IMO or Brokerage Agency.
  • We will match, or even beat your commission level, in addition to offering you all of the Levinson perks.


Write an app, get it approved, deliver the policy and earn your normal commission
PLUS a $100* American Express gift card.

Do the same thing with 2 carriers that you’re not currently contracted with us
(but licensed through another marketing company)
and receive a $250* American Express gift card.

And finally, get contracted with 3 companies that you’re NOT currently writing through us (but are with another IMO), and write and place one policy with EACH of those carriers,
and receive a total of an EXTRA $400* of American Express gift cards

*To be eligible for prizes applications must total a minimum life premium of  $1,000 per company. Annuity business minimum deposit $25,000. Existing agent codes will be requested along with proof of existing payouts. Prizes will be paid after the free look period.

Fill out the Form Below to Enroll Now 

Cash for Contracting Request Form.

Please complete all details to enroll in the cash for contracting program
  • Please email or fax your existing commission levels, and or carrier contracts (optional) Fax 954-746-9535 Email:

    Disclaimer: Levinson reserves the right to modify or cancel "leads for contracting" at any time without notice. Proof of existing appointment, and commission level are required prior to appointment transfer. Eligible policies must be written within 60 days of enrollement. To be eligible for prizes, applications must total a minimum life premium of $750 per company. Annuity business minimum deposit $25,000. Prizes will be paid out after the free look period. *Request must be submitted prior to new business and appointment submissions. By clicking Submit below you agree with all of the above.