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Cary’s Corner




Cary Levinson-President Levinson & Associates

“Cary’s Corner” is a monthly publication in which Cary Levinson provides insight and perspective into the life and annuity brokerage industry. Share Cary’s ideas, emotions, and memorable moments he’s experienced during his 51 + years in the life insurance industry. He’ll make you laugh, he may even make you cry, but his ultimate goal is to make you better and more successful. Join him each and every month for “Cary’s Corner”.

Cary’s Corner – Volume 27: “The Most Important Points an IMO Can Provide for Their Agents”

It literally feels like I wished everyone a “Happy New Year” last week, and now summer is almost upon us. I’m not quite sure where the time goes or why it’s moving so quickly, but I can honestly share with everyone that I am still so thrilled to be a part of the excitement and joy of our industry after 51 years. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 26 "Sales Ideas & Facts You Need To Be Aware Of"

So here we are in the middle of February, 2023 and hopefully, your pending and placed sales are right where you thought they’d be. This is the time of year which is typically most exciting for life insurance agents. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 25: "We Must Remain Committed"

With Christmas and Hannukah behind us, and New Year’s right around the corner, I am extremely excited to begin another year with our team of Agents, General Agents and employees at Levinson & Associates. Our new and amazing technology, our unique lead programs and the new products, carriers and underwriting programs we can now offer all of you, promises to make 2023 our most exciting and successful year ever for each of you. And as you all know, we never stop! Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 24: "Giving Thanks For the Life We Lead"

As Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s are literally around the corner, I can’t think of a better time for each of us to give thanks for the life we lead, our undying goal to help others, our health, and our wonderful families. With each passing year, I feel more blessed to be part of an equation in which you, our agents, are helping thousands of people when they need it the most. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 23: "The Facts About Certain IMOs That Will Shock You" 

I guess one of the things I should think about more often, but I really don’t, is how fortunate I am at my age, to wake up five days a week and spend from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. with my family and so many business associates who have literally become part of the “Levinson family.” I am so fortunate and truly blessed. Of course, you know how Bill joined us 25 years ago and the impact he’s made on our business. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 22: "What the Life Insurance Business Truly Does for Us and our Clients" 

It seems like the New Year’s Eve holiday just ended bringing in 2022, and now we just celebrated July 4th already. My goodness, does everyone feel that time goes by so quickly these days or is it just me? In any event, 2022 is halfway over and we certainly hope the year is going by successfully for all of the Levinson agents, and all are safe and healthy. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 21: "Cary Is Here For You When You Need Him The Most" 

Summer is upon us and in sunny South Florida, it’s already apparent with 90% humidity and temperatures in the mid-nineties however, there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. OK, now down to business in this edition of “Cary’s Corner.” The truth of the matter is, that when many of you call our office in Coral Springs, it’s not to tell our Case Managers a joke or tell our Contracting team about a vacation you’ve recently been on. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 20: "Be careful! Not every other IMO is honest and transparent" 

Thank goodness the pandemic seems to be winding down and life, as we knew it two years ago slowly, seems to be returning. How nice it is to travel, get together with family and friends, attend meetings and simply enjoy a sense of normalcy once again. Speaking of traveling, I attended a 10 company convention in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago which was most informative. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 19: "Does your IMO make you feel cheated or valued?"

As we head into the Summer months and our 51st year as an IMO, I can’t help but feel how grateful the Levinson team is to all of our loyal, committed, and productive agents. It is solely because of you that we continue to expand and bring each of you newer and more advanced technology, unique products and unparalleled service. And because of you, our agents who stand by our side each and every day, our relationship and our partnership grow stronger each day, week, month and year. Click Here to Read More

Cary’s Corner - Volume 18: "A word of caution as we head into the New Year"

As 2022 is already upon us and our New Year’s resolutions, dreams, and goals are indelibly imprinted within our minds, we should all be very excited about continuing our quest to help others when they need it the most. Click Here to Read More



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